Monday, 8 April 2013

Divas & Scholars: Interpretations and Perspectives

A Series of Intensive Three Day Short Courses on Opera

Masterclass & Co. and the renowned Manchester conservatoire, the Royal Northern College of Music, offer you an unparalleled learning experience. Over a series of three day, carefully planned courses, we will immerse you in different aspects of that powerful and passionate art form, Opera. Choose the period that interests you the most or attend them all and build up a familiarity with the entire four hundred year history and background of Opera. Whether you are a novice or an initiate, there will be things to learn and performances to enjoy. Eminent lecturers and opera singers will inform and entertain you during these meticulously constructed intensive courses on everything you need to know about opera, and its musical, social and performance history. This is a unique opportunity to study the world of opera with in-depth lectures illustrated by live performances.

Each course will look at a different period in the history of opera. Composers and librettists will be studied in their historical and sociological contexts. The great emblematic operas of the period will be analysed and put in context. A respected director will discuss the historic and contemporary approaches to staging of the operas. During each course a Master Class will be given by an international opera star working with young opera singers highlighting the training of the operatic voice, authentic performance approaches and vocal technique.


The Cadogan Hall, Sloane Terrace, London, SW1X 9DQ

Aims of the Courses

  • To make attending opera an informed pleasure.
  • To enhance connoisseurship and promote an in-depth understanding of the art form.
  • To promote sound methods for analysing operatic performance.
  • To improve listening skills.
  • To develop good background knowledge of the history of opera and of the lives and works of the composers.
  • To demonstrate vocal technique.
Contact Us

Further details can be obtained from the Director:

Lucy Woodruff BA (Hons), MA
Phone: 07880 640 863

Cadogan Hall Box Office: 020 7730 4500

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